Florida Theft & Vandalism Claims Lawyer

Dealing with Theft & Vandalism in Your Property

The possibility of theft and vandalism are some of the most frightening ordeals that property owners have to deal with. No matter how many locks we install on our doors, there is always a way for perpetrators to enter your property. When this happens, your property insurance claim can significantly help you recover the damages you sustained. The steps you take right after you discovered the theft and vandalism on your property can be especially crucial in your claim process.

Immediately following the discovery of theft and vandalism:

  • Call the police and file a police report
  • Inform your insurance company regarding the incident
  • Make a detailed list of everything stolen or vandalized
  • Gather documentation to support the stolen or vandalized items on your list
  • Take photos of the crime scene
  • Do not attempt to clean up your property to preserve evidence

It is also important that you contact Strems Law Firm, P.A. to make sure that you recover the full and reasonable amount of compensation from your insurance company.

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Let Our Firm Help You with Your Claim

Experiencing theft and vandalism can have an emotional impact on anyone. Not only are you suffering from financial loss, you can also feel violated and betrayed by your community. With our firm on your side, we can be your compassionate confidant as well as your aggressive representation. You can trust that we have in-depth knowledge to thoroughly evaluate the scope of your insurance policy. If necessary, we have the resources to conduct an independent investigation to validate your claim. Our Florida theft and vandalism claim lawyers are dedicated to helping you recover the insurance benefits that you rightfully deserve.

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