Is Rot & Mold Covered Under My Homeowner's Insurance?

Dealing with water damage is frustrating, especially when it leads to an even greater adversary: mold. If your homeowner's insurance policy covers water damage, does it cover rot and mildew caused by water damage? The answer is that it depends, so let’s look at the factors.

Mold Source Matters

The source of the mold determines if your homeowner's insurance covers it. For example, let’s assume you own homeowners insurance that covers accidental water damage. If the mold is a direct result of unexpected water damage (from something like a burst pipe), then it may be covered by homeowner's insurance.

Now let’s assume that the rot in your home is a direct result of floodwaters. If you do not own flood insurance, then the mold may not be covered under your homeowner's insurance since a “covered peril” wasn’t the source of the growth. However, if you own flood insurance, you may be able to recover mold damages under a flood insurance claim.

Additionally, how you handle a mold outbreak can affect a claim.

Mold Management Matters

Let’s assume that a burst pipe floods your bathroom and mold starts to grow in your walls. You immediately call a plumber to fix the pipe, protecting your home from excessive water damage.

Although you called a plumber to fix the pipe, you forget to call a professional to check for mold. A month goes by when you notice the mold has spread. At this point, you call a professional and file a homeowner's claim for the mold damage.

However, your insurance company denies your claim because you didn’t do “everything in your power” to stop the mold from spreading.

Dealing with a Denied Claim?

As you can see, recovering from mold damage under a homeowner's insurance policy is possible under the right conditions. Unfortunately, most insurance companies will do whatever it takes to deny your claim.

If you are dealing with a denied insurance claim, it’s time to talk to an experienced property insurance attorney from Strems Law Firm, P.A.. One of our attorneys can meet with you to discuss your claim and your options!

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