Why Talk to an Insurance Claims Attorney Before Accepting Settlements

Many people think their insurance companies are there to support them in their times of need. However, insurance companies exist for one sole purpose: to make money. Therefore, it’s a good idea to talk to an insurance claim attorney before accepting a settlement offer.

Insurance Companies & Liabilities

A liability is something that someone is responsible for. Teachers are liable for their students, parents are liable for their kids, and insurance companies are often liable for the cost of home repairs. Therefore, customers with damaged homes are liabilities in the eyes of insurance companies.

As stated above, insurance companies exist to make money, which often leads them to try to get rid of their liabilities at the lowest price point possible. Therefore, settlement offers from insurance companies are often lowball settlements that offer a mere fraction of what the insured deserves.

For this reason, anyone who receives a settlement offer from an insurance company should talk to an experienced insurance claims attorney about their case.

Talking to an Insurance Claims Attorney

An insurance claims attorney’s job is to look at the facts of a case to determine what a fair settlement offer would look like given the circumstances. At Strems Law Firm, we come across unfair settlement offers on a weekly basis, and that’s why we know for a fact that some insurance companies try to scam people.

Thankfully, our team is here to help! Our attorneys offer free consultations for all potential clients, which means those with pending settlement offers can have their case reviewed free of charge!

Additionally, Strems Law Firm is proud to work on a contingency fee basis, which means our clients don’t pay us unless we win! That means risk-free representation for all of our clients.

Looking for a case review? Call (786) 661-3111 to set up an appointment today!


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