Real Results: Strems Law Firm, P.A. Wins Out Over Insurers

What Do You Do When Your Homeowner’s Insurance Refuses to Cover Damages?

Household disasters have a way of feeling personal. Not only is your day disrupted by unexpected damage, but there’s a chance your biggest investment might lose value. Homeowner’s insurance exists to help assuage these fears—or, at least it does in an ideal world.

In the real world, your insurance may deny a claim for a number of reasons, leaving you to deal with catastrophe on your own. If you know the incident should be covered, don’t try to take on the insurance company on your own. Consult with an experienced water damage lawyer before you do anything else.

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Perseverance Pays Off in Two Water Damage Suits

Our property damage team at Strems Law Firm, P.A. recently represented two different homeowners against insurers who either denied the claim or vastly underpaid. When you’re facing water damage after a burst pipe, leaky appliances or (worst of all) a plumbing backup, damage must be mitigated as soon as possible. Even after the excess water has been cleaned up, your home or appliances may face related damage such as:

  • Structural weakness
  • Discoloration
  • Mold or mildew growth
  • Termite infestation

When recovering costs after water damage, be sure to heed these factors. Cleaning up after water damage isn’t a one-time thing. If you’re unlucky, it may turn into a persistent nightmare.

Underpaid Claim Results in $20,000 Jury Award

When our client’s kitchen was harmed after a water pipe broke, the insurer provided a low payment to cover the upfront costs for water removal and repair. When our client requested additional reimbursement to address the long-term costs related to the incident, the insurer refused, citing that she had not yet repaired the pipe. The client was fully covered for water damage caused by this kind of failure and had proof that the issues listed in her claim had been caused by the original incident.

The insurance company kept the pressure on as Strems Law Firm, P.A. first attempted to negotiate a settlement, and then filed the case in court. The case ended in a $20,000 award to our client, an amount that sufficiently reimbursed her for the damages and her time spent in court.

Original Estimate Paid in Full After Unsubstantiated Denial of Claim

When our client came home to a plumbing leak in her kitchen one afternoon, she got an estimate for the damage and then filed an insurance claim. Despite the fact that her policy covered this kind of water damage, the insurance company denied her claim in whole, blaming the leak on defective workmanship and claiming the damage was nothing beyond typical wear and tear to the kitchen.

That’s when she reached out to Strems Law Firm, P.A. to help her take her insurer to court. Our team helped her assemble a case and her insurer was required to reimburse her for the full amount of the estimate she had originally obtained.

Get Help with Your Water Damage Claim

Your property damage may not cover water damage or, unless you have specifically purchased additional coverage, any damage due to flooding. The first step in a successful insurance claim is making sure you have the coverage you need, and that all documentation is correct.

If your insurer wrongly denies a claim or offers cut-rate reimbursement, you don’t have to take the hit. Our lawyers at Strems Law Firm, P.A. have experience pursuing fair settlements for property damage claims.

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