The Most Common Property Insurance Claims in Florida and How to Deal with Them

Florida’s thousands of miles of shoreline is both astonishing and frightening for property owners statewide. The scenery surrounding the state is beautiful to both look at and enjoy. However, when it comes to owning property here that can scare some people because with any tropical setting, comes tropical storm and hurricanes—making property insurance a necessity.

Insurance allows you to repair, rebuild, and replace property that was damaged due to unforeseen events.

We would like to take a closer look into some of the most common events for property insurance claims in Florida.

Wind or Hurricane Damage

The most common claim, as I’m sure comes as no surprise, is weather-related incidents—making up for the bulk of all insurance claims in Florida.

Hurricanes, tornadoes, and hailstorms are the main offenders of wind damage to Floridan property. Many home insurance policies will cover this type of damage, although, there are certain policies in which you will have to pay an additional fee for wind damage—either way, be sure it is included!

Water Damage

Water damage is another very common claim, although it is different from flood damage. Water damage relates to sudden problems such as a broken pipe or drain failure. For example, if you were gone for the weekend and the toilet handle got stuck spewing water while you were gone, this would be covered in your insurance policy—as it was sudden and unforeseen.

Water damage is something that tends to not get noticed until it’s too late, as it easily seeps through cracks and can end up virtually anywhere in your home.

Some of the things you may have to deal with after getting water damage:

  • Interior mold and mildew

  • Health concerns from mold

  • Discoloration on walls and ceilings

  • Damaged appliances and other furniture

  • Termite infestation

Flood Damage

Flood damage often times takes typical property water damage and amplifies the damage by a tenfold. Flood damage is much worse and much more costly to repair than simple water damage because of the havoc it can wreak—which is why it often times is an additional fee on your property damage policy.

Flooding is quite common in Florida due to a few different reasons:

  • Hurricanes

  • Tropical storms

  • Heavy rainfall

  • Clogged drainage systems

A qualified property insurance attorney will be able to guide you through the process of filing your claim so that you can start on your path towards rebuilding your former life.

Fire Damage

The most expensive form of property damage comes from fires. When a fire starts it moves strongly and swiftly taking everything in its path with it. After a fire, homes are typically damaged from both the flames and the smoke, meaning the interior needs to be replaced almost always. In more severe cases, the whole house may be taken down, causing for a whole rebuild to take place. Fires are usually covered in most property insurance policies, however, the items covered vary vastly between policies—be sure to take a close look at what exactly you are paying for.


In the major cities in Florida, theft is a very big problem. When you have items stolen from your home, the sad truth is you will have little to no luck getting said items back. The good news is that many insurance policies cover replacing stolen goods. Things like art, electronics, and jewelry are typically covered within the policy, but as stated before, always check and make sure that your policy includes everything that you assume you’re getting!

Where Our Property Damage Attorneys Can Help

When it comes to getting repaid after a life-altering event, you need the help of someone who has been able to guide others through the complex processes. You deserve to seek out the benefits you have paid for in your property insurance policy, to begin piecing your life back together.

It shouldn’t be up to the insurance company’s discretion to tell you when and how much of YOUR money you are getting back. Instead, you should have a qualified legal team behind you to fight for your rights and help win!

Here at Strems Law Firm, our Florida property damage attorneys are able to navigate and combat the loops insurance companies tend to throw you through—making a seemingly difficult experience an easy one.

Our team is completely dedicated to the rights of those who have been denied insurance claims or who have had their claims minimized by the insurance company. We know how to prove what damages exist and put together your claim in an effective manner.

If you’re needing to file a property damage claim, our team may be able to help. Call our firm today at (786) 661-3111 and discuss your potential case.


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