What is a Proof of Loss?

A Proof of Loss is a form filled out by the policyholder after they have become the victim of a property damage loss. A Proof of Loss form serves as a summary of the items lost in the property damage. Things like supporting evidence and a numerical value for items lost are included on the form and are necessary to prove their losses.

Insurance companies use a Proof of Loss form as a basis for determining what they are liable for relating to your lost belongings. The insurance company will review the document and respond with their stand on the claim.

In the world of insurance adjusters, a Proof of Loss form is something considered “easy” and “extremely straightforward.” However, for anyone familiar with one, you know it’s just about anything but “easy.” Often times, this is said because if you fill out the form and forget important information or evidence, the insurance company won’t be held liable for things not on the form.

If not filled out properly there may be problems such as delay, underpayment, or sometimes even denial of your claim.

A Few Things to Remember

To help make sure your Proof of Loss form is filled out correctly, we wanted to include a few tips we have seen our clients make across the years:

Fill out the form truthfully - Information within the document must have supporting evidence to ensure your claim doesn’t get denied.

Don’t miss the deadline - Missing the deadline to turn in your Proof of Loss form is something that will cause nothing but grief in the process, in addition, it may also cause the insurance company to outright deny your claim.

Know your policy requirements - Your policy will explain a proof of loss as well as how to present your claim, along with the necessary details.

Ask for an extension if necessary - Gathering all of the needed information can be stressful and taxing, especially when there is a deadline set in place. Asking for an extension can give you some breathing room.

Reach out to a legal professional - We know just how tricky this all sounds and at times it can be. Hiring a legal professional to assist you in getting compensation for your case is the best move to make to ensure you don’t get taken advantage of by your insurance company.

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