Common Causes of Florida Boat Damage

Florida boat owners suffer a cumulative $9.5 million in damages every year. On average, Florida has double the number of boating accidents of any other state. With floods and other extreme weather hazards increasing year after year, that number will rise. While it’s difficult to plan against the weather, boating enthusiasts can make themselves aware of the most common causes of Florida boat damage.

Collision with Vessel

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, boat collisions make up more than 60% of all Florida boat accidents. Operator inexperience was the leading cause. Many buy a boat and take to the sea without understanding how to behave around other ships. As a result, the boats collide, damaging the vessels and potentially injuring the passengers.

Collisions with Objects

About 25% of boating accidents occur when a boat strikes a floating object or something submerged beneath the water. This could be anything from a tree trunk swept out by a flood to the keel shattering on an unseen rock formation. As these accidents almost always happen on the water, boat owners should radio for help when their vessels cannot return to shore.


Wind accounts for roughly 15% of Florida boating accidents. There are many reasons for this. Wind may ground boats by pushing them to shore. Likewise, the wind may cause boats to crash into the harbor while at port, gradually chipping away at the dock while damaging the hull.

High winds warrant extra precautions, such as additional dock lines, to reduce movement. When a boat has multiple mooring lines at multiple points on every side, it is far less likely to bump into the dock.

If your insurance adjuster refuses to provide coverage for your boat accident, you might have a case. If you’d like an experienced Florida property insurance attorney from Strems Law Firm to evaluate your case, please send us an email or call (786) 661-3111.

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