Why Is Water Damage One of the Biggest Problems You Can Have?

Flooded room in nice houseFor any homeowner, a huge storm is something to be concerned about, especially when your home isn’t as safe and secure as you thought it to be. Unfortunately, when these large storms occur, they often bring with them large amounts of rain and other elements.

If your home is not properly maintained, the water can make it past your roof or other parts of your home and sneakily make it into the walls. This means putting parts of your home at serious risk of one of the most difficult and problematic issues you can encounter: water damage.

Knowing the potential dangers of water damage can help individuals understand why it is so important to work quickly to get their claim for water damage handled. Here are some of the reasons that water damage is one of the biggest problems you can have in your home or business.

The Potential Dangers of Lingering Water Damage

If it’s taken care of quickly, water damage can come and go. However, when dealing with the insurance company, things can tend to last a lot longer than they should, leaving your home vulnerable to some of the long-term problems that water damage can cause.

Water left too long can seep into other areas of the home, down the walls, and in the worst-case scenario, to the foundation. The longer the water the sits, the more vulnerable these areas can become, and it can cause parts of the home to break down.

You may notice the wood or paint messing up where water damage has formed, or there may be weakened parts of the home as a result of the water damage. Whatever the case, getting these situations taken care of as quickly as possible is imperative to keeping your home in its best condition.

Water damage also means the buildup of bacteria and other chemicals that can be potentially hazardous to the health of anyone in the home.

The Effect On Health

What not a lot of people know is that, as dangerous to the home as water damage is, it could be even more hazardous to those inside the home. How is this? Well, safety concerns exist for a number of reasons.

Of course, the water damage can impact the structure of the home or weaken the foundation, making the home dangerous to even inhabit. But there are some ways that internal health can be affected if water damage sits too long and forms one specific problem: mold.

The presence of mold can lead to a number of health problems and the longer it sits, the more issues it can cause. When exposed to mold, individuals may deal with irritation of the eyes, skin and nose, as well as other problems if allergic reactions persist.

Allergic reactions to the mold and other pollutants that water damage can cause may even impact a person’s respiratory system, causing breathing problems or other issues that impact the quality of life inside the home.

Dealing with Insurance Quickly

When it comes to problems with water damage, most home and business owners will try to go through their insurance company and the policy to determine what exactly is covered and how they can get it fixed.

Unfortunately, going through the claims process can be a long and strenuous experience, often with the insurance company denying some amount of coverage. This prolongs the situation a lot longer than it needs to and if you can’t afford to get rid of the water damage on your own, it could become a big problem.

Once the insurance company finally gets an adjuster to the home, determines the estimate, and gets the amount, you may need to request more based on your contractor’s estimate. This could make the process last even longer.

In some cases, the insurance company may look at your counter offer and deny the claim, putting you in a difficult situation. You should be able to get the benefits you need based on the coverage of your policy.

Why Our Property Damage Attorneys are the Right Choice for You

When it comes to your home or business, you need to have help from someone who knows how to navigate the complex claims-filing process. You deserve to seek the benefits you deserve so you can focus on getting your home back to normal.

You shouldn’t have to wait for the insurance company to finally come through for you to be able to get your water damage repaired. Instead of dealing with the insurance company, you should have legal assistance from a qualified advocate with experience, knowledge, and skill.

At Strems Law Firm, our Florida property damage attorneys understand how to navigate the complex matters involving water damage and other issues with your home requiring benefits from the insurance company. This can be a difficult experience, but it doesn’t have to be with the help of a skilled attorney.

Our team is completely dedicated to the rights of those who have been denied insurance claims or who have had their claims minimized by the insurance company. We know how to prove what damages exist and put together your claim in an effective manner.

If you’re experiencing water damage and you need to file a claim, our team may be able to help. Call our firm today at (786) 661-3111 and discuss your potential case.


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