How Does the Insurance Company Navigate Water Damage Claims?

Insurance company reaching out hand over a document.For homeowners, their property is one of their most prized possession. When something like water damage arises, there are problems that exist and it’s important for you to get things handled quickly and effectively.

Going through the claims-filing process is one of the more difficult experiences that a person can go through because what it represents. There’s often a lot of money involved, so insurance companies are quick to combat claims. Knowing how the insurance company works, however, can be helpful.

Understanding the Entire Process

Once you identify the water damage, you want to contact your insurance company. They may offer to contact a company to come out and start the drying process or ask if you have already done so. This is the first step: stop the problem from spreading.

Once that is complete, an adjuster will need to come out to your home to determine the amount of the damage to your home, how serious it is, and take the necessary measurements. The adjuster is the person to determine exactly what report the insurance company will receive regarding how much is covered under the claim.

Once the insurance company has the adjuster’s report back, they will work with you to determine the next steps. In some cases, this will go to issuing you a check for the amount of damage done by the water. However, it’s not always that simple and problems can arise.

Insurance companies are looking out for their own bottom line, regardless of how much they say they care about their policyholders. Because of this, they may try to find any way to deny the claim or limit the amount they are going to pay out.

This may mean that the entirety of the damage isn’t covered.

If this happens, you need to speak with a lawyer. Being wrongfully denied the benefits for which you pay shouldn’t happen. With a Florida property damage attorney, you may be able to work to hold the insurance company accountable.

At Strems Law Firm, our goal is to help see your claim through and search for the outcome you desire. You deserve to have someone dedicated to your rights on your side and when your claim is wrongfully denied, we aim to fight for you.

Call our firm at (786) 661-3111 today and discuss your potential case with our team.


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