Can Water Damage Cause Harm to More Than Just a Home or Business?

Was your home or business recently damaged by water? It may have been the result of a hurricane, flash flood, or other natural disaster.

If so, you may need help from a Florida property damage insurance attorney. Your home or business is not out of the woods just yet and you may need legal representation to make your case in court when a claim goes denied.

The Damage to Your Home May Be More Severe Than You Think

The damage that was done to your home or business may be more serious than you realize. You may have had all of the water pumped out and the debris cleared away. This may lead you to believe that things are back to normal.

However, dangerous black mold and other forms of bacteria may be lurking in hidden nooks and crannies, just waiting for a chance to break out.

Meanwhile, there may be other dangers that are waiting for their chance to occur. Your home or business may have suffered extreme structural damage during the flood. Even if you had it examined by an expert, something may well have been overlooked.

This could put your health, as well as the health of anyone else in the home or business, at risk.

If You Think You Have a Court Case, We are Here to Help You

When your claim is wrongfully denied, our team of Florida property damage attorneys at Strems Law Firm is here to help you understand what legal rights and options you have moving forward. You may have a case that deserves to be heard in court.

This is your chance to seek the benefits you need to cover your home and get everything fixed correctly. Call us now to learn more about what we are ready and able to do on your behalf.


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